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Almost a large percentage of people around the globe have come across a board game in some part of their lives. Board games boast of having a history dating back to the ancient times. Countries all over the world have their own kind of board games that serves as a source of information and knowledge on their culture and heritage. And in this age of continued search for new information and knowledge, board games are still evolving.

Today, if one asks a young child to name a popular board game, Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess will come out as an answer. But it is not general knowledge that there is a board game that was confirmed to have existed around the ancient Egypt times. This oldest board game that ever existed is called Senet. This board game had become part of the objects placed whenever someone has died. Ancient Egyptians were strong believers in the afterlife. And because the game has an element of luck, whoever emerges as the winner believed that they will be protected by the gods as they start the journey of the dead.

Board games are already around in the Early Egyptian times. And even in this era, board games still exist and continue on evolving. From being objects of good luck for those who will journey the road to the afterlife, to being a tool used for teaching and doing good things, to being a source of hope and inspiration, to being a tool solely used for fun and entertainment. It is for certain that board games had and will still play a vital role in every human life.

From the time of Senet’s discovery, board games have gone so many changes. Around 1800’s, board games such as Mansion Of Happiness and The Checkered Game of Life revolved around doing the good and right thing. But in the mid 1900’s, where America was going through such hard terrible times, the now very popular board game Monopoly was introduced. The object of the game was to acquire as much money and property as possible.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, board games popularity was replaced by video games. Board games at that time were expected to go extinct. But then out came a board game named Trivial Pursuit. It was a big hit that it was able to sold millions of it. Soon after, board games were created not solely for fun and entertainment. But were also a challenge for the mind.

After the big success of Trivial Pursuit, two popular games namely, Tribond and Taboo were included in the Games Magazine’s Hall of Fame. The brains behind the success of Tribond are three Colgate University students. They are Tim Walsh, Dave Yearick, and Ed Muccini. As for the game Taboo, it’s a guessing game with a twist. In 2002, a game show was created using Taboo as the basis.

Board games have been around for thousands of years and have gone various changes as each era passes. In this day and age, the top 5 most popular board games are the following: 1. Chess 2. Checkers 3. Monopoly 4. Scrabble 5. Clue. Among the top 5 popular board games, Chess is considered to be the oldest. As its origin dates back to the 6th Century in India. Today, chess pieces are represented by the pawn, knight, bishop and rook. But back in the very old days, chess in its early form was known as Chaturanga. When translated, it means 4 divisions of the military: infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry.

In this age of cyberspace where everything is possible through high technology, the old-fashioned board games made of cardboard, paper or plastic, can be played online. There are so many websites that offer free games and prizes. There are even websites available that offer a list of top, popular and safe game sites. Some well-known game sites offer free games and sometimes, offer big prizes. Registration is needed though to avail most of the exciting offers. Usually, only a valid email address is needed. There are other genres of games that adults can enjoy, for example, casino games which include, roulette, craps, blackjack, bingo, slots, play poker for real money and many more. You usually need more than just a valid email to participate in the more well known reputable sites since players must be over 18.

But from the discovery of the Senet, to the success of Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Tribond and Taboo, who knows what will come out next? The 21st century is just beginning its journey and so many things can happen in the world of board games. From simple materials of the old days to mixing technology with physical game pieces, is the next phase of evolution. One can only wait for the next generation of futuristic board games.

One of the best parts about board games is the way it brings people together. These days there are so many forms of entertainment that can be done in solitude and after awhile that can start to really make individuals feel cut off from each other. Video games are more fun with others, but you can play them by yourself with computer generated individuals. You can even play them online with people you will never meet, which is very similar.

When you add online games, iPods, DVDs and all the other portable entertainment into the mix, it is of no great surprise that it can be more challenging than ever for people to connect with those around each other. As any mother or father will tell you, it can be hard to find activities that bring the whole family together, and don’t leave your teenagers scrambling for a way out. That isn’t to say that these games are not fun and shouldn’t be played.

Board games, whether they are electronic or not, can be a great way to get family and friends together for some healthy competition and plenty of bonding. You can play these games with all of the people in your life, and you may find yourself laughing more than you ever thought you would together. When you play on teams you create a great way to bond with others as you work on the common goal of defeating your opponent. If the other team doesn’t like the outcome there can always be a rematch at the next family night.

You can mix it up so everyone gets to play their favorite game at some point. Doing this is also a great way to expand your range of interests and expose yourself to something new. You can play games that are about music and singing, or there might be sports trivia, cultural trivia, or even questions about modern inventions and science. You will get to know what interest the people in your life a bit better, and if you are a parent game night is a great way to get a glimpse into the way your child thinks and interacts with others.

Another great benefit of game night is the cost to you. Board games are not all that expensive and can be used over and over for endless enjoyment. It is hard to have a regular family event when it involves costly trips to the zoo, museum, concert, movies, amusement park, or other area of entertainment. Board games keep things simple. You can focus on how much fun you are having with your kids or friends instead of how your are going to pay for all that fun later.

Plus, when you go to an event or take the kids to a movie it is easy to just completely shut down. You don’t have to really talk or interact with anyone else. You don’t get to know the people you are with. If you go to a movie you mostly sit in a dark room together and then get up and leave when it is done. Games are a great way to get people engaging each other and talking. How about cards? We suggest USA poker card game options as well. Add snacks or cocktails and you have a new, competitive version of the cocktail party for adults.

It couldn’t be easier, and with so much variety and fun waiting to be had what are you waiting for? Shake up your routine and enjoy the excitement of doing something new. You are going to be amazed by what a night of games can do for you and your social life. You may never want the fun to stop. Luckily with the never ending choice of games you don’t have to. So pick your favorite games today and get playing. And even if you don't have any, companies like Lakeside Collection or even Ebay sell board games online including Atari games.

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