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Rules for playing

Booby Trap Board Game Rules And Instructions



The object of the game is to win as many points as possible by removing colored playing pieces from the game board without moving the spring bar. The player who has accumulated the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


Pull back the spring bar and place the playing pieces with the knobs face up in the section of the board in front of the spring bar. Mix the pieces and gently release the spring bar until it rests against them. Do not touch the spring bar again during the game. The playing pieces are now held under pressure and the game is ready for play.


Playing pieces are valued as follows: (20 of each piece)
Large size piece............... 3 points
Medium size piece.............. 2 points
Small size piece............... 1 point

A player is selected to take the first turn and other players follow in rotation. On each turn a player is allowed to touch only one piece. After touching a piece, a player may decide not to remove it and announces, "I pass." The next player then takes his turn. If the first player decides to take a piece and does so without moving the spring bar, he keeps it, and the next player takes his turn. If the first player decides to take a piece and in so doing, moves the spring bar, he is penalized according to the rules below. Play is continued in this manner until there are as many playing pieces left on the board as there are players in the game. For example: If five players are playing, the game proceeds until there are five pieces remaining on the board. Each player then totals his points, and the player with the most points wins.


Once a player has touched a piece, he must either pass his turn or remove the piece. If he does remove a piece and the spring bar moves less than one of the spaces on the scale along the side, he has completed a successful play and keeps the piece.

If the spring bar moves one or more markings, the player is penalized three points and the piece that caused the penalty is placed in a discard pile along with any other pieces that may have jumped out of the board or been pushed up on their sides.

Whenever a player is penalized, he must discard from his winnings, pieces equal to three points (one large size piece, or one medium size piece plus one small size piece, or three small sizes pieces). In this way each player can tell at a glance what his net score is at any time. Of course if a player should owe more than he can pay he must keep track of his debt and pay it off as soon as he wins enough points to do so.


A player may pass as many times as he wishes so long as each person playing has not already passed twice in succession.

If everyone playing has passed twice in succession, then on the third turn a player must remove a piece, even though he is certain that the spring bar will move.

For example: In a game with 3 players-

Game #1

1st turn
Player A - "I pass"
Player B - "I pass"
Player C - "I pass"
2nd turn
Player A - "I pass"
Player B - "I pass"
Player C - "I pass"3rd turn
3rd turn
Player A - must pick
Player A must pick because all players have passed twice in succession.

Game #2
1st turn
Player A - "I pass"
Player B - "I pass"
Player C - "I pass"

2nd turn
Player A - "I pass"
Player B - PICKS
Player C - "I pass"
3rd turn
Player A-Can pass if he wishes

Any player may again pass because all players have not passed twice in succession.


If players study the set up board carefully, they will note that the spring bar is not holding all the pieces tightly. Some pieces may be completely loose. Others, although touching each other, may not be under spring pressure and can be lifted out without releasing the spring bar.

A loose playing piece can be found only by feeling carefully the tension on the piece. If the piece is being held tightly under tension, it is best to pass and try another piece on the next turm.


When the spring bar is released, architectural stress arches and stress patterns are formed. Skill comes in being able to recognize and trace these patterns.


Set up the board as in the regular game. The object of the game is to remove all pieces except one, tripping the spring bar no more than three times.


The board is set up in the regular way and turns rotate in the same manner as in the standard game except as follows: All small size playing pieces must be removed first. Next, all medium size pieces must be removed.
Finally, all large size pieces are removed until only one piece remains on the board for each player. Scores and penalties are the same as in the regular game.


All rules are the same as in the regular game except that no passes are allowed.

If this helped you. please let me know.
These rules are posted for those of you who have found this unique game and didn't have the rules with it.

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Booby Trap Board Game Rules- How To Play Boobytrap Instructions