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Speed Uno Card Game Rules And Instructions

Speed Uno Card Game
Speed Uno

Game Requirements
Two Uno Decks (add a deck per four players)
4-5 Players minimum

Starting Play

Every player is dealt 10 cards to begin play. The person to the left of the dealer is the first player, and the beginning rotation is clockwise. The first player must play before anyone else can play any cards.

General Play
Play follows traditional Uno rules, except for drawing cards. A person doesn't skip their turn when they draw cards. A person must match the color of the preceding card or play a WILD card. If the person isn't able to play, they must draw cards until they can. Once a person begins drawing cards, no Speed Rules apply (unless stated in the rule). The first person to goes out wins that hand - but that is not as easy as thought! (See Speed Rules!). Also, failure to say "UNO" when a player has only one card left (and the player is caught), that player must draw five cards. A player may not go out of the game with a Wild Draw Four card.

Speed Rules!
Exact Match - A player who has an exact matching card may play out of turn if they play before the person who should normally go next. (For example, if a Green 7 is laid down, any person with a Green 7 may play next). This may occur as many times as there are exact cards out there. After each play, the person who would normally follow the person who played by the Exact Match rule gets to play next according to normal rules unless another person with an exact match beats them to the play. If the play appears to be a tie, the person whose card is on the bottom is considered first. When all cards are finished being played, play begins from the last person to play as normal. In other words, if rotation was clockwise previously, it will continue clockwise after the last person to play. This play is the same for all special cards (Reverse, Skip, etc…) with applicable rules, except Draw card. (See Double-Double). See Example Below:

Speed Uno illus.

Play is in clockwise direction. If player 1 plays a Green 7, and player 3 also has a Green 7, then player 3 can play out of turn by the Exact Match rule. After player 3 plays, player 4 may play by traditional Uno rules, or any other player may play another Green 7 if they have one. The first player to lay down the card gets the play. Whichever player gets the play, play will continue to the left of them (clockwise direction).

Double-Double - When a player plays the Exact Match rule with a card that indicates a Draw action for the next player, the play differs from traditional rules. As long as people continue to play by the Exact Match rule, the draw total continues to grow! When there are no more Exact Matches, the next player must draw the total number of Draws indicated. For example, if a Yellow Draw Two is played, and the Exact Match rule is invoked three times, then the next player must draw eight (Four times Draw Two)!

Dropping - This rule is an extension of the Exact Match rule. Since a player may play exact card, it is possible for a player to lay down more than one card at once during normal play. For instance, the color in play is Green, and the next player has three Green 6's. This player may play all three cards at once!

Round-n-Round - When a 0 is played (according to traditional play - in other words, it has to match the color in play!), all players must pass their hands in the direction of play. For example, if play is going in a clockwise direction, then everyone's hand would be passed to the player on their left. Also, a player must say "UNO" if they are handed a hand with only one card. Failure to do so will result in that player drawing five cards.


Scoring is the same as traditional Uno. Scoring is as follows:
Number cards Face value
Non-wild word cards 20 points
Wild cards 50 points

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