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Split Level Aggravation Rules And Instructions

Split Level Aggravation Rules And Instructions - How To Play

Copyright 1971,1975 Leisure Dynamics, inc.
Split Level Aggravation

Starting the game

Each player picks four markers and places them in the base row of the same color. Players roll the dice: high roll starts the game. Game play moves left of the first player.

The dice may be rolled only once per turn. However, a (6) rolled on the white die earns an extra turn.

The white die

A (1) or (6) must be rolled on the white die to start a marker: either number moves it only to it's START triangle. Once started, a marker may be moved any number rolled on the white die. Only one marker can be moved per turn; a move cannot be split. A marker can only be started when its START triangle is empty.

The red die

The red die ONLY determines the position of the upper level. Turn the upper level so the indicator points to the SAME NUMBER shown on the red die.

The position of the upper level is changed each turn BEFORE a marker is moved.


Move markers to the left around the outside of the levels. Markers cannot be moved backwards. Players CAN jump over their opponent's markers; they CANNOT jump over or stop their OWN markers.

When a marker STOPS on an opponent's marker, the marker ORIGINALLY in the hole is "Aggravated" (sent back to its base). Markers can be "aggravated" anywhere except then in their base or home.

Moving from level to level

A level change is ALWAYS required when a marker stops on a black circle on the last move of a turn. On the NEXT MOVE player can choose to make the level change to: (1) the black circle directly ABOVE OR BELOW the marker, or (2) to the Diagonal Shortcuts. The level change always counts as the FIRST MOVE on the next turn.


Shortcuts are OPTIONAL moves. They may shorten the time needed to get home. Bur remember . . . you can be "aggravated" from shortcut positions.

DIAGONAL SHORTCUTS: When a marker stops in a black circle on the last move of a turn, player may use the diagonal shortcuts on his NEXT turn. These shortcut moves are made DIAGONALLY from the black circles on the one level to the other.

Players can choose to use only PART if their allowed moves in the diagonal shortcuts. When the marker reaches the black circle on the row the player wants to reach, the remaining moves can be made UP THE ROW.

The super-shortcut: The hole in the center of the indicator is a "super-shortcut", it can be reached from ANY position on either level that leaves ONE MOVE to make BEYOND a black circle.

A maker can ONLY be moved from the super-shortcut when a (1) is rolled. THE SUPER SHORTCUT AND THE DIAGONAL SHORTCUTS CANNOT ME USED IN THE SAME TURN.

Moving Home

A marker can only move into one of the four positions on an EXACT COUNT on the white die. A marker can stop in one of the first home positions ate the end of each turn.

If your roll gives you more moves than needed to reach home, you CANNOT move and must wait until your next turn to try again. The first player getting his four markers safely home wins the game.

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Split Level Aggravation Game Rules And Instructions - How To Play Split Level Aggravation