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ThinkAlike Board Game Rules

ThinkAlike Board Game Rules -
The Game Where Two Heads Are Better Than One!

CONTENTS: Gameboard, 400 Game Cards, 4 ?Thinker? Play Pieces, Sound Timer, 4 Pencils, Paper, Instructions.

After hours and hours of scientific testing, our Design and Research professionals concluded that it was very difficult to hear a sand time come to the end of its 60-second course. (Especially when in the throes of wild and noisy ThinkAlike game!) Therefore, the unique ThinkAlike sound timer was developed.

The timer runs on two AA batteries (included). Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the small screw on the bottom of the timer. Insert batteries. Apply label to top of timer.

Players pair off and decide who will be Partner A and who will be Partner B. They should sit facing each other, with A Players on one side and B Players on the other. All the B Players take a pencil and paper. The gameboard is placed in the middle of the table, with the cards and timer beside it.

Players choose on of the A Players to be the first word reader. The ability to read is the only special skill needed to be the word reader, so this duty should alternate between A and B Players on subsequent rounds. ( Note: This is a good time for those who cannot read to forfeit the game.) The word reader picks up a card from the front of the box and reads all six words out loud. As each word is read, B Players write it down, then quickly write down (beside it) the first word that comes into their mind. (Remember, you and your partner are a team, so it is a good idea to try to think like your partner. Hence the name ThinkAlike!) The card is then returned to the back of the box.

The 60-second timer is now activated by pushing the yellow arrow on the middle of the unit. All the B Players, at the same time, read aloud the first word to their partners. The A Players shout out words they think might be the word their partner wrote down. For example: If the word is 'snow' (and Partner B wrote down 'flake'), Partner A begins calling out works associated with 'snow' until he/she guesses the word 'flake'.

The B Player may assist their partners by using hand gestures only. They may not speak, except to say 'yes' when their partners say the correct word.

Each time a word is guessed correctly, the B Players check it off their list, then read aloud the next word on the list and continue as before. If players can not guess the right word, they may say 'pass' and move on to the next word, coming back to it later if they have time. They can also be trying to listen to other players, in case their guesses might help. (Yes, in most games this would be considered cheating. In fact, it's considered cheating in this game too, but you'll find it's difficult to prove. Let your conscience be your guide?)

As soon as one team has correctly guessed all 6 words, they shout 'THINKALIKE!' and the round ends. If the timer beeps before this happens, the round has ended and everyone must stop. For the next round, A and B Players change roles and the game continues as before. Play continues until one team reaches the finish line on the gameboard.

One space is awarded per team for each correct guess. If you correctly guess all six words and beat the timer, three cheers and three additional spaces are awarded. If the timer has beeped before the teams have correctly guessed all six words, all teams are awarded one space for each correct answer and the three space bonus is not awarded to any team.

The First team to guess the most words and be the first to reach the finish line is the winner!

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ThinkAlike Board Game Rules And Instructions