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TRIPOLEY Card Game Rules And Instructions

Order the game at the following:

Suburban Five & Ten
815 36th Street Southwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49509
Telephone (616) 532-7198
Hours of operation: Mon. -Sat. 9 am to 9:00 pm EST

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Three Great Games in One, TRIPOLEY combines the challenge, suspense and fun of Hearts, Poker and Michigan Rummy into a thrilling, friendly Game of Chance for Home Play. For 2 to 9 Players Adult and Teen Age.

TRIPOLEY is played by any number up to nine (four to seven make the best game)..Chips should be equally distributed to all Players. A-deck of regular Playing Cards is used.

Each Player places a Chip on each of the nine Sections on the Tripoley Layout (ie., A, K, Q. J. 10, K-Q, 8-9-10, Kitty and Pot). Deal all the Cards one at a time to each Player (including an extra or "dead" hand, which is not used). It makes no difference if some Players have one more Card than others.

The Player who finds among his HEART Cards the Ace, King, Queen, Jack or Ten, takes the Chips from the corresponding Section (i.e., if you are dealt the Jack of Hearts, take all Chips in the Jack Section). If a Player holds the King and Queen of Hearts, he not only gets the Chips in each of these Sections, but also the Chips in the King-Queen Section. When a Pay Card is in the "dead" hand, the Chips in that Section cannot be claimed. A Player holding the 8-9-10 of ANY suit (i.e., 8-9-10 Spades) takes the Chips from that Section. The King-Queen and 8-9-10 sequences are not often held, hence a large pile of Chips often accumulates on these Sections. Any Player not claiming his Pay Card winnings before The Poker hand starts, automatically loses his right and the Chips remain for the next hand.

Each Player-then uses his five best Cards to make his strongest Poker hand. Put the remaining Cards to one side, but do not discard; you will need them later. The Dealer starts the betting, depending on the value of his hand. He can bet, check or pass. All bets and raises are placed in the Pot and the best hand wins all the Chips therein.*

Players then take up the Cards laid aside. The Dealer starts by laying down in front of him, face up, the LOWEST Card in his hand, and calling it by name. The Player who holds the next highest consecutive card in the same Suit places it in front of him, etc., until the ACE of the Suit originally opened is reached or, because of holding in the "dead" hand, a STOP is reached. That Player must CHANGE Suits, playing the LOWEST Card in any of the other Suits in his hand. Should he he unable to Change Suits, the Player to his left starts. The first to discard all of his Cards wins the Chips in the Kitty. The remaining Players pay the winner one Chip for each Card left in their hands.
The Deal then passes to the left. The Cards are reshuffled and Players ante again to each of the nine Sections, regardless of whether or not the Chips therein were gained on the previous hand.

TO END PLAY: When you are ready to stop it considerable number of Chips will probably remain on the Tripoley Layout. To distribute Chips left in the King-Queen and 8-9-10 Sections, deal five cards to each Player as a show-down Poker hand. Additional bets may be placed if desired.
Another method is to deal out all Cards, including "dead" hand, and proceed as in MICHIGAN RUMMY. Any Player discarding an 8, 9, or 10 gets a one-third interest in Chips in that Section. Similarly, the Players-laying down a King or Queen of Hearts gets a one-half interest in the King-Queen combination. Play continues until the Tripoley Layout is cleared.

For the information of those unfamiliar with the game, Poker hands rank as follows:
1. Straight Flush (3-4-5-6-7, all one Suit)
2. Four of a Kind
3. Full House-(three of a Kind, and one Pair)
4. Flush (all one Suit but not in sequence)
5. Straight 3-4-5-6-7, different Suits)
6. Three of a Kind
7. Two Pair
8. One Pair

1. The Dealer may, after looking at his hand, exchange it for the "dead" hand. If he does not wish to do this he may sell the "dead" hand to the opponent who bids highest for it. The exchange, however, must be made complete; the Cards of the two hands may not be combined to form one hand.
2. Some Players prefer to collect on their Pay Cards during the play of Michigan-Rummy. This avoids exposing the value of their hands before playing them, and adds spice to Michigan Rummy, since only the Pay Cards actually played on the Tripoley Layout are collectable.
3. OPTIONAL SUIT: This variation increases the size of the Kitty and is becoming extremely popular. Rules are the same as for regular Tripoley, but the Suit for the Pay Cards, instead of always being Hearts, changes from hand to hand.

Copyright 1960 Cadaco-Ellis, Inc.
Manufactured and Distributed by CADACO-ELLIS, INC Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois

Disclaimer: This is copied verbatim from the instructions here for informational purposes!

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Tripoley Card Game Rules