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UNO Dominos

UNO Dominos Instructions

How to play UNO Dominos game

AGES: 7 and UP
PLAYERS: 2 to 6
OBJECT: To score the highest number of points by ridding yourself of all Domino playing pieces before your opponent(s).
COMPONENT: 81 UNO Dominos, 6 playing racks.
OVERVIEW: Each player in turn lays Dominos end to end in any one of four directions (as in traditional Dominos) matching the color, number or word on the face of the Domino. For example, if the open end of a Domino on the table is a blue 7, a Domino with a number 7 on it or one that is blue can be laid next to it. The first player to play all his/her Dominos wins.

Game Play

How To Start: Shake the Dominos and place them face down to form a large "draw pile". Each player selects six to put in their rack. Make sure no one peeks. The player with the highest Doublet (a Doublet is a Domino with the same word or number on each end) goes first. Start by asking if anyone has a Doublet 9, Doublet 8, etc., until the person with the highest Doublet is found. If no one has a Doublet, draw in turn (from the draw pile) until one is drawn.
Starting Doublet: This Domino is the highest numbered Doublet drawn by a player in the opening play. A word Doublet cannot be used to open play. The Starting Doublet is the only Doublet that can be played from four directions - the sides and the two ends (see Figure A).

Figure A

What Word Tiles Mean

Draw TwoDRAW 2 - The next player must draw two Dominos and lose their turn.

SKIPSKIP - The next player loses his/her turn.

WILDWILD - The Domino can be matched to any color, number or word. A wild may be played even if a player holds other playable Dominos.

ReverseREVERSE - The direction of play is reversed. Right to left become left to right and vice versa.

Dead EndDEAD END - No other Domino can be played on this Domino.

Wild Draw FourWILD DRAW 4 - The absolute best Domino to own. It not only functions as a "wild" Domino but also forces the next player to draw four Dominos and lose their turn. This Domino can only be used when a player has no Domino on his/ her rack that matches the color of the one previuosly played.

Matching Dominos: In general, Dominos are matched by UNO rules and arranged Domino style. Match by color, number or word. A Doublet can never be played onto another Doublet. Doublets are played at right angles like a "T" (matching along its side). (See Figure B)

Figure B

- A player may match a number: i.e., match a number 7 to a number 7
- A player may match a color: i.e., match a GREEN 6 to a GREEN
- A player may match a word: i.e., a RED SKIP to a BLUE SKIP

If at the time of play, you are unable to match color, number or word you must draw 1 Domino from the draw pile. If the Domino drawn is playable, you may play it immediately. If it is not playable, it is added to your rack and play passes to the next player. Play normally proceeds to the LEFT as in regular UNO unless a REVERSE is played.

ACTIVATION RULES FOR WORD Dominos: Word Dominos may be active or inactive, depending upon their placement in play. Activated word Dominos are the words being matched to open Dominos already on the table. These activated words then determine the play.

EXAMPLE: If a RED 6 is on an open end (on the table) and a RED SKIP/RED 3 Domino is played onto it with the RED/SKIP making the match (and being active) the next player is skipped. However, if a RED 6 is open and the RED 3/RED SKIP is played onto it with the RED 3 making the match, then the RED SKIP is inactive for the remainder of that game. Remember, that inactive RED SKIP could be matched, but it is the end matching it that would be ACTIVE.
(See Figure C). Always try to use the words on the Dominos strategically.
Figure C

GOING OUT: When a player only has one Domino left, he/she must yell UNO. That warns everyone that he/she has one left. If the player forgets to yell UNO, other players can catch him/her. If caught, the person has to draw two Dominos. Play then continues. A player who forgets to yell UNO must be caught before the next person goes. If not caught in time, nothing happens. When the player has no more Domnios, the round is over. Points are scored (see next section). If the last Domino played is a DRAW 2 or DRAW 4, the next player must draw two or four Dominos to be counted as points.

SCORING AND WINNING: All the players with Dominos left on their racks add up the points and the total is awarded to the person who went out. The first person to reach 500 points wins. Or, choose a lower goal for a faster game.

All numbered Dominos..............Face Value
DRAW 2, REVERSE, SKIP ............10 Points
WILD DRAW 4, DEAD END ............20 Points
WILD .............................25 Points
Make sure to count each end of each Domino separately.

PENALTIES: If a player uses a WILD DRAW 4 when he/she has a playable color and gets caught, he/she must draw four Dominos. The way the player gets caught is by being "challenged" by the player who would have to draw four. If challenged, the player must show his/her hand to the challenger to confirm the correctness of play.

RENEGING: A player in any turn may choose not to play a Domino. If so, then he/ she must draw a Domino.

DEAD END GAME - This is a situation in which all directions of play are blocked by a DEAD END. If this happens, then the player who played the last DEAD END MAY "GO OUT". Any Dominos left in his/her rack are not scored against him/her.

GAME VARIATIONS: (Agree before play begins if a game variation is to be used.)

RE-OPENING A DEAD END GAME: If any player holds the WILD DOUBLET when a DEAD END CAME is declared, then this player (not necessarilly the last player that played) can re-open play by placing the WILD DOUBLET on any one STARTING DOUBLET in having its remaining side and two ends open for play. The player may name the color of the tile.

ALL DOUBLET VERSION: In the ALL DOUBLET version, play can be made in all four directions (the two sides and two ends) of any and all Doublets. In this version, there are far more opportunities to play and far fewer chances to be blocked from play (See Figure D).
Figure D

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