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UNO Rules

Here's a Frequently Asked Question bit of information for you...


Q: How many cards in the deck?
A: You should have - 108 cards as follows:
19 Blue Cards - 0 to 9
19 Green Cards - 0 to 9
19 Red Cards - 0 to 9
19 Yellow Cards - 0 to 9
8 Draw Two cards - 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
8 Reverse Cards - 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
8 Skip Cards - 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
4 Wild Cards
4 Wild Draw 4 cards

Q: How many cards does each player get?
A: Seven (7)

Q: What do I do with the rest of the cards?
A: Place them face down in the center of the table and turn the top one over. This is the starting card or discard pile.

Q: So how do we start?
A: The first player (to dealer's left) must match the card visible with matching COLOR, NUMBER or WORD.

Q: I have no card matches, nothing to play from my cards.
A: You must draw A card from the face down pile. If you can play THAT card, you may otherwise it is the next person's turn.

Q: I don't have to draw cards until I get a play?
A: Do you want a hand of cards so big you can't hold them? NO. But you do have the option (house rules) to play that way if you decide BEFORE beginning to play.

Q: So, I have ONE card left after discarding my second to last one. Do I have to say UNO! before everybody else says I didn't say it fast enough?
A: I normally say it before I RELEASE the second to last card. Just as I am setting it on the pile I say "UNO."

This game can be varied however you choose but everyone must agree before playing. That is known as House Rules.

Okay? Now Have fun!, Get the Adobe Acrobat form of replacement instructions from Mattel if you need more information or to print out or buy a new deck or two from me and enjoy your time together!

Thanks for finding me! More game rules and things to buy here in my cabinet.

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